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"My little dog, Alber, gets scared sleeping at night alone, especially in an unknown place. Sleeping with Paris at Paws Penthouse was just what he needed to relax while we were away."
-Maria D.

"That was the best experience that my dog and I have had! See you again soon."
-Eugene D.

"We were on vacation for over a week and needed a place to keep our 3 dogs. Paws Penthouse was just the right place for them! My babies were living at a home rather than just sitting around waiting for us to return, and I could tell how much happier they were when I picked them up. Thanks Paws!"
-Raz B.

"I highly recommend Paws Penthouse to all my friends and family. They were the best nannies for my dog."
-Bill M.

"My little Yorkie needed special care and I could not put her in a kennel. Paws Penthouse offered just the right amount of special care and attention for Gucci, allowing us all to have a comfortable trip. Thanks!"
-Jennifer H.

"Thank you Paris very much for taking care of Honeybee. I've never seen her so comfortable at a day care before. She truly felt at home. She smiled all the way home and I'm sure wish she could have told me how much fun she had. Your place is wonderful and I will definitely be a faithful customer for a long time.
I've been to a lot of boarding facilities and she has come home so scared. Coming home smelling like pee and shaking because of too many dogs. Even with her own room!
Thank you for making her feel so loved and comfortable and me feel so blessed to find a great home away from home for my little Honeybee."
Thanks again,
Lisa, Jason, Jason Jr and little Honeybee A.

Thank you guys for taking care of chase. He loves going to your place. I've tried other places but no one cares for him the way you do. He is always happy and loves the new friends he has made at your place. And as for myself I like the atmosphere you have created for the dogs and I feel very comfortable when I drop him off. Thank you for all your care. Chase and I love visiting your place!!!
-Ali Mojaddam

I have been taking my beagle puppy to Paws Penthouse for a couple of months. When we approach the place, he couldn't be happier. He can't wait to get out of the car so he can play all day. He loves the owners and the lady who works for them. And he's thrilled to be around all the other dogs. He even has a girlfriend there! It's great that Paws Penthouse is located in a residential area with huge front and back yards. I couldn't be happier with his being there.
-Cynthia M.

Tips For Happy Pets

  • Keep an ID tag on your pet at all time so they can be returned to you if they get lost.
  • To prevent behavioral problems, make sure to train them or enroll them in behavioral classes. Check out petsforlife.org
  • Behavioral problems can sometimes be health related. Just like yourself, your pets should get an annual check-up by the vet!
  • Be prepared for disasters. Make sure to include your pets essentials into your own disaster kits in case of fires, earthquakes, etc.
  • Plan for your pet's future in case something happens to you. Visit humanesociety.org/petsinwills for more information.
  • Learn how to avoid dog bites, and to prevent your dogs from biting. Check out NoDogBites.org
  • ...and of course, make sure your pet is spayed or neutered!