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About Paws Penthouse Pet Hotel - Dog Hotel serving the Encino, Sherman Oaks & the Valley Area

Paws Penthouse Pet Hotel has been serving the dog kennel needs of Encino and the surrounding environs for over 6 years. We favor an approach of quality over quantity and ensure that our service is at a sustainable rate. This allows for optimal health of both parents and their puppies. Furthermore, we provide organic, grain-free, premium nutrition for our dogs, and we go to great lengths to accommodate the unique nutritional needs of our kennel guests as well. The history of Paws Penthouse Pet Hotel is a story of slow, steady growth. We started out as a home business in Encino that quickly developed a reputation for exemplary holistic pet care. Soon after, we adopted a beautiful, well-mannered Malteese named Melissa. We fell in love with Melissa quickly and wanted to share our love of her with the world.

How We Came To Be

We were going on a trip to Las Vegas and didn't want to leave our beloved dog and cat at home alone. Searching for a pet friendly hotel in Vegas only led us to the Four Seasons Hotel. These additional expenses piled on as we were still required to hire a pet sitter while we were away from the room! Finding a trustworthy friend who we could leave them with was scarce and irregular. Searching for alternatives, all we could find were cramped cages and tight kennels; even those "luxury suites" offered were often no bigger than a small storage shed. This was not how we wanted to leave our loving pets in our absence. Due to the lack of truly loving establishments to take care of our loved ones while we are away, we decided to found Paws Penthouse. We are a real family, living in a real home. We are not a formal caged kennel, nor do we separate our campers. They all live with us just as our dog does; watching tv, laying by the fire, or running around in the back yard. Just like they would at home!

Mission Statement

"We are committed to offering you and your pets the highest quality care in the loving environment possible. We know that our pets are beloved extensions of the family, and we care for them as such. All pets in our care will be treated as though they were our own pets. No cages, leashes, or restraints here; just a warm friendly family environment, just like you have at home."

What We Do

NO cages or kennels will be found here! Paws Penthouse is a true, free-roaming home for your pets. All of our guests are free to wander and play amongst each other, as well as running around the back and front yards, or even playing in the pond! Of course, should you prefer, a completely private room is available for any of your loved ones.